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It's hard to believe that it has already been 1 year since I started my YouTube channel, codeSTACKr.


In this article, I want to be open and transparent about everything that has gotten me to where I am now, the good decisions as well as bad. And I hope that you can take this information and apply it to your circumstances.

在本文中,我希望对已经使我到达现在的一切事物(无论是好的决定还是坏的决定)保持公开和透明。 我希望您可以利用此信息并将其应用于您的情况。

I believe that no matter what category or niche you may be in, this information can help you to grow your channel as well.


This post is not meant to brag. Rather, it’s meant to provide insight into how I quickly grew my YouTube channel.

这篇文章不是要吹牛。 相反,它旨在提供有关我如何快速发展自己的YouTube频道的见解。

I hope that this post will help you in some way, but what worked for me is not guaranteed to work for you. So adapt my methods to meet your needs.

我希望这篇文章能以某种方式对您有所帮助,但是不能保证对我有用的东西对您有用。 因此,请调整我的方法来满足您的需求。

All of these strategies and tricks can also apply to blogs and any other social media platforms.


Let me get started by giving you a little background on myself and why I started a YouTube channel.


一切如何开始 (How It All Started)

There are many reasons that people start a YouTube channel. It could be for fame and notoriety, to make money, to help people, or maybe just as a hobby. Well, I started my channel to prove a point.

人们启动YouTube频道的原因很多。 它可能是为了名利而臭名昭著,赚钱,帮助人们,或者只是出于嗜好。 好吧,我开始了我的频道来证明这一点。

You see, I have 2 teenagers, and they are typical teenagers. I wanted to challenge them to come up with a business idea. You know, instead of playing video games, watching Netflix, or chatting with their friends all day.

你看,我有两个少年,他们是典型的少年。 我想挑战他们提出一个商业想法。 您知道,而不是玩视频游戏,看Netflix或整天与朋友聊天。

As you can expect, there were not many ideas being passed around. So I thought, maybe they could start YouTube channels and make content about things they enjoy doing. My son could start a gaming channel and my daughter could start a hair-styling channel.

如您所料,没有太多的想法被传播。 所以我想,也许他们可以启动YouTube频道并制作有关他们喜欢做的事情的内容。 我的儿子可以开一个游戏频道,而我的女儿可以开一个发型频道。

They seemed to think it was an okay idea. My son downloaded a screen recorder and was going to create some videos. I helped my daughter set up a tripod and camera so she could record some fancy hair braids.

他们似乎认为这是一个好主意。 我儿子下载了一个屏幕录像机,并打算制作一些视频。 我帮我的女儿架起了三脚架和照相机,以便她可以记录一些漂亮的辫子。

And that's about as far as they got. No videos ever got posted.

这就是他们所知道的。 从未发布过视频。

That's when I came up with the idea to start my own channel. I wanted to prove a point: you can make something successful if you put in the effort.

从那时起,我想到了开设自己的频道的想法。 我想证明一点: 如果付出努力,您就能成功

I decided that I was not going to tell anyone, not even my wife, that I started the channel until I had proof that it was successful. I thought, "if I can get 300 subscribers I'll tell them".

我决定我不会告诉任何人,甚至没有告诉我的妻子,直到我有证据证明该频道成功为止,我才开始该频道。 我想,“如果我能得到300名订户,我会告诉他们的”。

Choosing a topic for your channel is, in my mind, the most important decision. You want to pick something that is not too broad, but also not too narrow. You want to appeal to a specific, targeted audience.

我认为,为您的频道选择主题是最重要的决定。 您想选择的东西不太宽,也不太窄。 您想吸引特定的目标受众。

The topic of my channel was a no-brainer. I've been coding since I was 12 and it's a topic that I'm passionate about. So talking about web development made sense.

我频道的主题很简单。 我从12岁起就开始编写代码,这是我非常热衷的话题。 因此谈论Web开发是有意义的。

I had been watching other channels like Brad Traversy, Academind, and The Net Ninja for years. So I started with a tutorial on VS Code.

多年来 ,我一直在观看其他频道,例如Brad TraversyAcademindThe Net Ninja 。 因此,我从VS Code的教程开始。

We'll get to more about my channel and videos later. For now, let's talk about motivation and expectations for starting a channel.

稍后,我们将详细介绍我的频道和视频。 现在,让我们谈谈建立渠道的动机和期望。

动机与期望 (Motivation & Expectations)

When starting a YouTube channel, a blog, or any social media account, you need to understand what your motivation is and what you expect to get out of it.


For me, I wanted to prove something to my kids. Are you trying to become famous? Do you want to make money? Do you want to help people in some way?

对我来说,我想向孩子们证明一些东西。 您是否想出名? 你想赚钱吗? 您想以某种方式帮助人们吗?

Whatever your answer is, you need to understand that you will not see results overnight. It could take months, even years to even see any results.

无论您的答案是什么,您都需要了解,您不会在一夜之间看到结果。 甚至需要数月甚至数年才能看到任何结果。

This is where expectations come into play. If you can manage your expectations, then you will be able to withstand the ups and downs that are sure to come.

这就是期望发挥作用的地方。 如果您能够管理自己的期望,那么您将能够承受一定会遇到的坎and。

When choosing the topic of your channel, make sure that it is something that you are passionate about. If not, you'll be setting yourself up for failure. It will only be a matter of time before you get bored and give up.

选择频道主题时,请确保您对它感兴趣。 如果没有,您将为失败做好准备。 在您感到无聊和放弃之前,这只是时间问题。

入门 (Getting Started)

The first thing that I did was pick a channel name. Honestly, I don't remember why or how I landed on codeSTACKr.

我要做的第一件事是选择一个频道名称。 老实说,我不记得为什么或如何登陆codeSTACKr。

I went to namecheap.com and was looking for domains. I was looking for combinations of "code", "full", "developer", "stack", etc. I remember that codestack was taken, so I added an "r" to the end .

我去了namecheap.com ,正在寻找域名。 我一直在寻找“代码”,“完整”,“开发人员”,“堆栈”等的组合。我记得使用了代码堆栈,因此我在末尾添加了“ r”。

The next step was to record the video. I decided that I was not going to spend a dime on this channel to start with. If I made any money from it, then I would invest that money back into the channel.

下一步是录制视频。 我决定从此开始不花一毛钱。 如果我从中赚了钱,那我会把钱投入渠道。

Since I would be sharing my screen, I didn't need a camera. I could just use a screen recorder. I used OBS for that, and I still do.

由于可以共享屏幕,因此不需要摄像头。 我可以只使用屏幕录像机。 我为此使用了OBS ,现在仍然如此。

If you will be starting a channel that requires a camera, start with the webcam on your laptop or your phone. Most phones have great cameras.

如果要启动需要摄像头的频道,请从笔记本电脑或手机上的网络摄像头开始。 大多数手机都有出色的相机。

If you are going to spend any money, the first area I would recommend would be on audio. Audio is by far the most important asset to any video. It will make or break your channel in my opinion.

如果您要花钱,我建议您首先关注音频领域。 迄今为止,音频是所有视频中最重要的资产。 我认为,这将决定您的频道成败。

When I watch a video and the audio quality is not there, I will most likely move on to another video.


For my first several videos, I just used a headset mic. Like one that you would use for gaming or even earbuds from your phone.

对于前几个视频,我只是使用了耳机麦克风。 就像您将手机用于游戏甚至耳塞一样。

Once I got everything recorded, then I needed to edit the video. There are a few options for this. If you have a Mac, then iMovie is a great option. I have a Windows computer, so I use Davinci Resolve. It is free and is very robust. It is also available on Mac and Linux.

记录完所有内容后,就需要编辑视频。 有一些选择。 如果您使用的是Mac,那么iMovie是一个不错的选择。 我有一台Windows计算机,因此我使用Davinci Resolve 。 它是免费的并且非常强大。 在Mac和Linux上也可用。

Now it's time to post the video. This is where some get hung up.

现在该发布视频了。 这是一些挂断电话的地方。

I know it's nerve-wracking to upload the first video, and you want it to be perfect. But don't obsess over this. It will never be perfect, no matter how much time you spend on it. Just upload it!

我知道上传第一个视频令人不安,并且您希望它完美。 但是请不要着迷。 无论您花多少时间,它都永远不会是完美的。 只需上传!

That is exactly what I did and it was not perfect. I had a blaring misspelling in my video that I still get comments on to this day.

那正是我所做的,并不完美。 我的视频中拼写错误,直到今天我仍然收到评论。

第一个视频的结果 (Results From The First Video)

Before I posted my video I did some research. I wanted to find places to promote the video. I had zero following on any other social platform. So, I started looking at Reddit and found a subreddit where I could post the link to my video.

在发布视频之前,我做了一些研究。 我想找到宣传视频的地方。 在其他社交平台上,我的追踪者为零。 因此,我开始查看Reddit,找到了一个subreddit,可以在其中发布指向视频的链接。

I know that self-promotion on Reddit is frowned upon. So be very careful there. I found a subreddit that allowed this type of posting, and I made sure that I was not breaking any rules.

我知道人们对Reddit的自我推销并不满意。 所以在那里要非常小心。 我找到了允许这种发布方式的subreddit,并确保我没有违反任何规则。

I also researched SEO for the video. I made sure that the title, description, and tags were optimal for the video. That in itself is an entire article.

我还研究了视频的SEO。 我确保标题,描述和标签最适合视频。 那本身就是整篇文章。

Now it was time to post. I nervously clicked the button. Then hit refresh frantically for several minutes to see if there would be any views. Nope, no views. So I posted the video link on the subreddit. That worked! I started to get a few views.

现在该发布了。 我紧张地单击了按钮。 然后疯狂地刷新一下几分钟,以查看是否有任何视图。 不,没有意见。 因此,我将视频链接发布到了subreddit上。 可行! 我开始有一些看法。

The day after I posted the video, we left for vacation. I took every chance I could get to inconspicuously check my YouTube analytics while we were gone. It's hard not to get caught up on the numbers, but try not to. And we'll talk more about that in a bit.

我发布视频的第二天,我们就去度假了。 在我们离开后,我千方百计地检查了我的YouTube分析数据。 很难不赶上数字,但要尽量不要。 我们稍后会详细讨论。

On the first day, I got 111 views and 8 subscribers. The next day was 231 views and 14 subscribers. Then the views dropped down to 23 and 2 subscribers. These mostly came from the Reddit post. On that first Reddit post, I got 88 up-votes. That's pretty good for Reddit.

在第一天,我有111次观看和8个订阅者。 第二天有231次观看,有14个订阅者。 然后视图下降到23个订阅者和2个订阅者。 这些主要来自Reddit帖子。 在第一个Reddit帖子中,我获得了88票赞成票。 对于Reddit来说,这非常好。

You'll find that this is a typical graph for most videos. You will get a spike in initial views, then they level off. At some point, you hope that the YouTube algorithm will pick it up. We'll talk about that in a bit.

您会发现这是大多数视频的典型图形。 您将在初始视图中看到峰值,然后它们趋于平稳。 在某个时候,您希望YouTube算法能够解决它。 我们将稍作讨论。

So how did I go from getting a few views per day to thousands per day? That's coming up next.

那么,如何将每天的观看次数提高到每天数千次呢? 接下来呢。

一致性 (Consistency)

The number one thing that will help you grow your channel, which I'm sure you've heard before, is posting consistently.


Come up with a plan that works for you. If you can post once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month, stick to it! You will not get subscribers if you are not consistent.

提出一个适合您的计划。 如果您可以每周一次,每两周一次或每月一次发帖,那就坚持下去! 如果不一致,将不会获得订阅者。

For me, I have a full-time day job. So after we got back from vacation, I decided that I could find the time to post once a week. So I stuck to that. I posted consistently, at least once per week. Every post bumped up my average views.

对我来说,我有一份全职工作。 因此,我们从假期回来后,我决定可以每周抽出一次时间。 所以我坚持了。 我坚持每周至少发布一次。 每个帖子都提高了我的平均看法。

You can see from this graph that in June, 2019 I posted three videos. You can also see the gap where I was on vacation. Each post gave me a bump in views and subscribers, not only for the video being released, but also for the previous videos.

从这张图可以看出,我在2019年6月发布了三个视频。 您也可以看到我度假的时间。 每个帖子不仅在发布的视频方面,而且在以前的视频方面,都给我带来了更多的观看次数和订阅者。

You'll find that some videos get more views than others. You will have videos that do great and others that flop. Use these insights to hone in on what your viewers want to see. If a video does well, then make another video on the same or similar topic.

您会发现某些视频的观看次数比其他视频多。 您将拥有出色的视频和其他失败的视频。 利用这些见解来磨练观众想要看到的内容。 如果视频效果不错,请制作关于相同或相似主题的另一个视频。

Consistency is what got me to my 300 subscriber goal after about 10 videos and 2 months.


揭开我的秘密 (Revealing My Secret )

So I sat my family down to tell them the good news. Imagine, a 39-year-old father and husband sitting his wife and 2 teenagers down to tell them that he has created a YouTube channel and has 300 subscribers.

所以我让家人坐下来告诉他们这个好消息。 想象一下,一个39岁的父亲和丈夫坐下他的妻子和2个青少年,告诉他们他已经创建了YouTube频道并拥有300个订阅者。

After the chuckles were over I proceeded to inform them of my plans to continue growing the channel and see where it could go.


避免倦怠 (Avoid Burnout)

Understanding that consistency is a marathon and not a sprint is very important. During January 2020 I decided that I was going to post a short video every day. I wanted to create short videos that explained small parts of JavaScript. I called it #JavaScriptJanuary.

理解一致性是马拉松而非冲刺非常重要。 在2020年1月,我决定每天发布一段简短的视频。 我想制作一些简短的视频来解释JavaScript的小部分。 我称之为#JavaScriptJanuary

These were about 90 second videos. You might think that short videos would be easier to make. And in theory, they should be.

这些是大约90秒的视频。 您可能会认为短片会更容易制作。 从理论上讲,应该如此。

But I tend to overdo things. I made sure that these videos were packed full of info. They had animations and were very engaging. On average, they each took 3 hours to make.

但是我倾向于做些过分的事情。 我确保这些视频中塞满了所有信息。 他们有动画,非常吸引人。 平均而言,他们每个人都要花3个小时才能完成制作。

That was a bad decision. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of the videos that I created. I have gotten many compliments on them and thankful viewers who love them and want more.

那是一个错误的决定。 别误会,我为自己制作的视频感到自豪。 我得到了许多赞美,也感谢那些喜欢他们并想要更多的欣赏者。

But it was very hard to keep up with the schedule. I did manage to get a video out every day, but I will never do that again.

但是跟上进度很困难。 我确实每天都可以播放视频,但是我再也不会这样做了。

What did I learn from my mistake? Even though I posted a video every day, I did not see a significant increase in views or subscribers. In fact, I lost some subscribers because they did not like me flooding their home page with new videos every day.

我从错误中学到了什么? 即使我每天都发布视频,但观看次数或订阅者却没有明显增加。 实际上,我失去了一些订阅者,因为他们不喜欢我每天都在主页上充斥新视频。

When you first start your channel you will be very excited to get going and want to work all of the time. Be very careful, pace yourself, and don't sign yourself up for more than you can handle, or more than your audience can handle.

刚开始创建频道时,您会非常兴奋,并希望一直工作。 要非常小心,调整自己的步调,不要让自己的签名超出您的承受能力或听众的承受能力。

在社区中活跃 (Be Active In The Community)

To engage with my viewers, I responded to every comment on every video. Your viewers want to know that they are being heard.

为了吸引观众,我回应了每个视频的每条评论。 您的观众想知道他们正在被听到。

This has been one of my keys to success. By engaging with the viewers I have been able to adjust my content strategy to include topics that they are interested in watching.

这是我成功的关键之一。 通过与观众互动,我能够调整自己的内容策略,以包括他们感兴趣的话题。

You may think that you know what your audience wants, but you really don't until you ask them what they want.


Market and community research is critical to growing your brand. You need to understand who the big players are and try to interact with them as well, as much as possible.

市场和社区研究对于品牌发展至关重要。 您需要了解主要参与者是谁,并尽可能与他们互动。

Now, if you are just starting, you wouldn't want to bug a large channel asking for things. You want to engage with the community and bring value.

现在,如果您只是开始,那么您就不想在大型渠道中遇到麻烦了。 您想与社区互动并带来价值。

One of the first real engagements that I had was with freeCodeCamp.org. I was able to create a 2 hour long tutorial on Sass for them to post on their YouTube channel. At the time, their channel had around 1 MILLION subscribers!

我最初的真正参与活动之一是freeCodeCamp.org 。 我能够在Sass上创建一个为时2小时的教程,以便他们在其YouTube 频道上发布。 当时,他们的频道有大约100万订阅者!

In this graph, you can see the spike in subscribers that I got from posting my video on the freeCodeCamp.org's YouTube channel.

在此图中,您可以看到在freeCodeCamp.org的YouTube 频道上发布视频后获得的订阅人数激增

By this time I had acquired around 500 subscribers. Then I got over 300 in one day! I was shocked and amazed. Of course, it leveled back off eventually. But notice that with every bump, the average increases. Each one takes you to the next level.

到这个时候,我已经获得了大约500个订阅者。 然后我一天就赚了300多! 我感到震惊和惊讶。 当然,最终它回落了。 但是请注意,每一次颠簸,平均值都会增加。 每个人都将您带入一个新的水平。

Another thing that has helped me is getting to know others in my community. You would think that other YouTubers that post videos on the same topic would be competition. But that is not true at all.

帮助我的另一件事是认识社区中的其他人。 您可能会认为发布相同主题视频的其他YouTuber就是竞争者。 但这根本不是真的。

I was able to collaborate and share insights with many in my community that post about the same things as I do. Even though we may post about the same subject, we all have different methods of teaching and different viewpoints. So it's not a big deal.

我能够与社区中的许多人合作并分享见解,这些见解与我所做的相同。 即使我们可能发表同一主题的文章,我们都有不同的教学方法和不同的观点。 所以这没什么大不了的。

Bottom line: you need to network and get to know others that are in the same niche as you.


难以捉摸的算法 (The Elusive Algorithm)

The YouTube algorithm is an enigma. Don't try to understand it. Just know that when it finds you, you will know it!

YouTube算法是一个谜。 不要试图理解它。 只是知道,找到它后,您就会知道!

Notice in the graph the large spike around December, 2019. That is when the mighty algorithm decided to push one of my videos to tens of thousands of viewers.


I was averaging 1,000 views a day at that time. Then, all of a sudden, I was getting 12,000 views in one day. That then took me to the next level. I didn't do anything different. I was consistently posting one video per week.

当时,我平均每天有1000次观看。 然后,突然之间,我一天之内就获得了12,000次观看。 然后把我带到了一个新的高度。 我没什么不同 我一直每周发布一个视频。

You can see in the next graph the trajectory change around December, 2019.


Since then, the algorithm has picked up several of my videos. By staying consistent, listening to my audience, and interacting with my community, I was able to gain 70,000 subscribers and almost 2 million views in a year. Craziness!

从那时起,该算法就提取了我的一些视频。 通过保持一致,听取观众的声音并与社区进行互动,我每年可以吸引7万名订阅者和近200万次观看。 疯了!

不要被数字卡住 (Don't Get Stuck On The Numbers)

I initially set the goal of getting 300 subscribers. For me, at the time, that was the number that would mean I was successful and that my strategies were working.

我最初设定的目标是获得300个订阅者。 对我而言,当时的数字意味着我成功了,我的策略正在奏效。

That was another mistake. Try your hardest not to focus on numbers. Your number of subscribers or followers does not define your success. The quality and value of your content is what defines your success. If you have quality and valuable content, they will come.

那是另一个错误。 尽最大努力不要把重点放在数字上。 您的订阅者或关注者数量并不决定您的成功。 内容的质量和价值决定了您的成功。 如果您有优质和有价值的内容,它们就会来。

And... Do not compare yourself with others. Every journey is different. Focus on your circumstances, remain consistent, and produce quality content.

还有...不要将自己与他人进行比较。 每个旅程都是不同的。 关注您的情况,保持一致并产生高质量的内容。

高点和低点 (Highs & Lows)

Looking back at some of the graphs you will see peaks and valleys. That is totally normal. Don't get scared when your views start to drop. It's the natural cycle of YouTube. They will pick back up as long as you stay consistent.

回顾一些图表,您会看到峰值和谷值。 那是完全正常的。 当视图开始下降时,请不要害怕。 这是YouTube的自然周期。 只要您保持一致,它们就会恢复。

营利 (Monetization)

On YouTube, you are required to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to be monetized. That's 240,000 minutes of watch time!

在YouTube上,您需要有1000个订阅者和4,000个观看小时才能获利。 观看时间为240,000分钟!

I hit 1,000 subscribers after 3 months, in September of 2019. But I didn't hit 4,000 watch hours until November of 2019. That's 5 months after starting my channel.


In November I made $197. I could not believe that I was making money uploading videos to YouTube! In December I made $545. Then in January, which was right after the algorithm picked up one of my videos, I made $830!

十一月份,我赚了197美元 。 我简直不敢相信我是通过将视频上传到YouTube来赚钱的! 十二月,我赚了545美元。 然后在1月份,也就是算法收到我的一个视频后,我赚了830美元!

After that, the revenue drops off but has leveled off and has recently begun to increase. After 8 months of monetization, I made just over $5,000.

在那之后,收入下降了,但是已经趋于稳定,并且最近开始增加。 经过8个月的营利,我赚了5,000多美元。

That's not enough for me to quit my day job, but I am still amazed that I have been able to create side-income so quickly.


In this graph, you will see the weekly ad revenue breakdown. The other two stats are part of what the revenue is based on.

在此图中,您将看到每周广告收入明细。 其他两个统计信息是收入依据的一部分。

CPM is "Cost per Mille", or simply the price that an advertiser pays per 1,000 views of a video. My average CPM here is $10.20. So advertisers paid $10.20 per every 1,000 monetized views of my videos.

每千次展示费用是“每千次展示费用”,也就是广告客户每观看1000次视频所支付的价格。 我的平均每千次展示费用是10.20美元。 因此,广告客户为我的视频每获得1000次获利观看,支付了10.20美元。

RPM is "Revenue per Mille", or simply the revenue that you earn per 1,000 views of a video.


Since YouTube is facilitating these views, they take a cut, and I'm OK with that. They own the platform, they maintain it, they send viewers to my channel, they do most of the heavy lifting. Plus they provide many great tools for content creators and are constantly adding and improving on these. So, $3.03 is what I made per 1,000 monetized video views.

由于YouTube促进了这些观点,因此削减了一些观点,我同意。 他们拥有平台,维护平台,将观众带到我的频道,他们承担了大部分繁重的工作。 另外,它们为内容创建者提供了许多出色的工具,并且正在不断增加和改进这些工具。 因此,每千个获利的视频观看次数赚取3.03美元。

Now, not all views count. Notice that I said "monetized" views. Which means that the ad was seen. If the viewer is using an ad-blocker or they skip the ad, it will not count as a monetized view.

现在,并非所有视图都算在内。 请注意,我说的是“获利”视图。 这表示该广告已被看到。 如果查看者正在使用广告拦截器,或者他们跳过了广告,则该广告将不会计入获利视图。

其他收入来源 (Other Sources of Revenue)

Besides the ad revenue, I also made approximately $8,000 from sponsors in the past year. This is not something that comes right away. You have to build your brand and become known in the community.

除了广告收入外,去年我还从赞助商那里赚了大约8,000美元。 这不是马上发生的事情。 您必须建立自己的品牌并在社区中广为人知。

I have not gotten a single sponsorship by reaching out and asking for sponsors. All of my sponsors have reached out to me first. So, again, it's a marathon. Don't expect things to happen overnight. Stay laser-focused and good things will come.

我没有通过联系并寻求赞助商获得任何赞助。 我所有的赞助商都首先与我联系。 所以,这又是一场马拉松比赛。 不要期望事情会在一夜之间发生。 保持专注于激光,美好的事物将会来临。

In any business, you want to diversify your income. YouTube ad revenue should never be your main source of income. What if YouTube accidentally deletes your account, or for some reason stops monetization? You have to diversify!

在任何企业中,您都想使收入多样化。 YouTube广告收入绝不应成为您的主要收入来源。 如果YouTube不小心删除了您的帐户,或者由于某种原因停止了获利该怎么办? 您必须多元化!

Besides YouTube ads revenue and sponsors, my goal was to create my own digital products.


This is an example of another mistake that I made. The mistake was not the decision to make my own products, but my delay in making them. In fact, to this day, I still have not released any products.

这是我犯下的另一个错误的例子。 错误不是决定自己制造产品,而是我推迟制造产品。 实际上,到目前为止,我还没有发布任何产品。

I planned to release 3 premium courses in 2020. We are over halfway through the year and I have not released 1.


I got caught up in other side projects and did not focus on my own projects. These other side projects brought in subscribers and money for me but they should not have been my main focus.

我陷入了其他项目,没有专注于自己的项目。 这些其他方面的项目为我带来了订户和金钱,但它们不应该成为我的主要重点。

Your main revenue stream should be your personal products. That is what you control. Everything else could one day disappear. Stay focused!

您的主要收入来源应该是您的个人产品。 那就是你所控制的。 其他一切可能有一天消失。 保持专注!

成功秘诀 (Tips For Success)

The biggest tip for success that I could give you is to focus. It is so easy to get distracted by all of the things that you "could" do to increase your reach.

我能给您的最大成功秘诀就是专注。 您很容易分心于您“可以”做的所有事情以增加覆盖面。

Focus on making quality videos. Try to stay organized. Create a list of content that you want to create. Every time you think of a new idea, add it to the list.

专注于制作高质量的视频。 尝试保持井井有条。 创建要创建的内容列表。 每当您想到一个新主意时,请将其添加到列表中。

But, focus on one topic at a time. Create the content for that video, then move on to the next topic.

但是,一次只关注一个主题。 创建该视频的内容,然后继续下一个主题。

Earlier I said that when I started my channel that I did not have a presence on any other social platforms.


If you already have a following somewhere else, then you should use that to your advantage to bring viewers to your channel. But if you don't have a following elsewhere, don't try to grow multiple platforms at the same time. Stay focused on whatever platform is working for you.

如果您在其他地方已经有关注者,则应利用该优势来吸引观众进入您的频道。 但是,如果您在其他地方没有关注者,请不要尝试同时发展多个平台。 专注于为您服务的平台。

After I got my YouTube routine down, which was after about 6 months, I started an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account. I have slowly grown on these platforms as well, some better than others. (I have no idea how Facebook works .)

大约6个月后,当我取消了YouTube常规后,我开设了Instagram,Facebook,LinkedIn和Twitter帐户。 我也在这些平台上慢慢成长,有些比其他平台要好。 (我不知道Facebook如何运作works。)

After several months on these platforms, they have had a very minimal impact on my YouTube growth. I think that, for my niche, Twitter and Instagram have been the most effective. Twitter especially for networking. But the impact from these on my channel has not been significant.

在这些平台上使用几个月后,它们对我的YouTube增长影响很小。 我认为,对我的利基而言,Twitter和Instagram是最有效的。 Twitter特别是用于网络。 但是这些对我的频道影响不大。

Depending on your niche, you may find that your audience may be more receptive on specific platforms. Use these for brand building once your channel gets a bit of traction.

根据您的细分市场,您可能会发现您的听众在特定平台上可能更容易接受。 一旦您的频道吸引了您,就可以用这些来建立品牌。

结论 (Conclusion)

In conclusion, I just want to say that anyone can do anything. If you have (1) the proper motivation, (2) realistic expectations, and (3) you don't overwork yourself, you can be successful.

最后,我只想说任何人都可以做任何事情。 如果您有(1)适当的动机,(2)现实的期望,以及(3)您没有过度劳累,您就可以成功。

I'm Jesse from Texas. Check out my other content and let me know how I can help you on your journey to becoming a web developer.

我是得克萨斯州的杰西。 查阅我的其他内容,并让我知道在您成为Web开发人员的过程中如何为您提供帮助。

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